How to Modify Effect Pedals book
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How to Modify Effect Pedals book

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This book, which is a temporary re-release of a DIY basic electronics classic, will teach you exactly how to modify and custom tailor each of your effects pedals to your needs and tastes.

No experience needed.

Note that since this is a limited release of the last version of the book, some of the links inside may be dead. However, the book is being made available temporarily due to customer demand.


* Complete details on how to modify over 80 different effect pedals

* Basic Definitions and Concepts of effect pedals, their circuitry, and mods

* "Walk-throughs" of various circuits - what all those parts do, and what you can change it to

* Detailed close-up pictures of the pedal's circuit boards showing where the parts are located * Where to get parts and what kind to get

* All About Components, the different types, and what they do in guitar pedals

* How to read and understand schematics

* Installing Pots and Switches to control mods

* Installing a Pot in place of a Resistor (add your own bass/ mids/ treble controls!)

* True Bypass Box Diagram

* Most pedals have several different modifications that can be performed