If you're interested in the nerdy circuit details on pedals...

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  • Steve on

    I love “bending” circuits (I’m a disabled electronics tech who loves playing guitar and bass) and I would love to see more videos to help me understand even more of how all thos awesome stuff works! Great work, my friend!

  • Gary on

    I always like and watch your videos they are very informative and entertaining, the tech and breakdown videos about the pedals and circuits are especially useful to myself as I have started making pedals here in the UK, Your breadboard style videos are very useful and one particularly on the different types of diodes and there effect on the sound and tone of the circuit was very useful when putting together the circuit for my overdrive pedal. Thanks for great videos.

  • Eric on

    Loved the breakdown of the signal chain and what each component does. Would it be beyond the scope of this to examine a wider variety of clipping circuits? Maybe a comparison of overdrive vs distortion vs fuzz circuits. I made a crude fuzz from 914 diodes and a TL072 back in the 80s… noisy as heck but worked a treat!

  • Ty Roberts on

    Love these video. Would like to see how different diode and op amp combos effect the distortion tone in one simple circuit.

  • Chris Ostolski on

    It’s great that you take the time to do this!!😁😁

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